Incredibuild-XGE Accelerates Simulation and Modeling Using Virtual Supercomputer

May 9, 2012 – Press Release

Incredibuild-XGE™, a software-based distributed computing solution, accelerates time-intensive computational processes, such as simulation and modeling for CAD/CAM, fluid and mechanical dynamics, and 3D analysis, among other applications.

“Some simulation scenarios require many hours and even days,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of Xoreax, the developer of Incredibuild-XGE. “Incredibuild-XGE transforms sequential data processing into parallel analyses, completing the work in a fraction of the time.”

Incredibuild-XGE is already being used in simulation testing of industrial software and equipment to ensure it can operate in any mission-critical situation, reducing processing time from days to a few hours. Sarin, a developer and manufacturer specializing in diamond-cutting analysis systems, has reduced processing time from 40 hours to less than two.

XGE technology transforms a network of regular office PCs and servers into a private cloud in which every node – from user workstations to dedicated servers – contributes unutilized processing power to form a dynamic, accessible and fault-tolerant HPC environment, eliminating the need for expensive, dedicated computer farms and radically lowering ongoing maintenance costs. Incredibuild-XGE also allows processing to scale out to public clouds.

Using Incredibuild-XGE:

  • Requires no resource management
  • Requires no virtualization image bank, prior setups or installations
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated hardware
  • Ensures extremely rapid and cost-effective implementation

The Windows-based technology requires only a simple definition file in which the administrator specifies a few parameters and does not require an API to “plug” into existing applications. Incredibuild-XGE distributes computational processes across available resources in the network, resulting in a grid-enabled, highly accelerated solution with near-zero implementation costs and without changes to source code or architecture.

“Incredibuild-XGE creates such a dramatic decrease in modeling lag time that the only losers are the coffee supplier and the candy machines. Incredibuild-XGE is redefining time for our users, as the ‘hurry-up-and-wait’ time disappears,” concludes Maor.

About Xoreax

Xoreax, the developer of Incredibuild-XGE, is a leading solution provider of software acceleration technology. By harnessing unutilized processing power in private and public cloud environments, XGE technology accelerates Windows-based computational software with easy deployment and migration. Based on XGE technology, Incredibuild is the de facto standard solution for code-build acceleration on the Windows platform. More than 100,000 users at over 2,000 companies and organizations depend on XGE technology for software and build acceleration, including 20 Fortune 100 companies.