Incredibuild Joins AWS ISV Workload Migration Program

Incredibuild Joins AWS ISV Workload Migration Program


Collaboration Will Enable Customers to Accelerate Cloud-Based Software Development


Tel Aviv, Israel May 2021. Incredibuild, a software development acceleration platform, today announced that it is joining the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP) to expedite the shift to cloud-based software development and digital transformation. The move will enable exponentially accelerated software development, including faster builds, compilations, testing, shorter release cycles, and cut time to market.


Incredibuild will join the ranks of other independent software vendors (ISVs) including Atlassian, Siemens, McAfee and Snowflake in WMP, which is designed to help AWS customers migrate ISV workloads to AWS by working with AWS Partners to create a repeatable migration process and methodology to achieve their business goals and accelerate their cloud journey.


Incredibuild is an out-of-the box platform for both cloud and on-premises, harnessing the power of compute to provide companies with a competitive edge by releasing better software, faster solutions, and reducing costs by up to 30%. Incredibuild is designed to accelerate the development cycle from compilation to testing to release automation for over 2,000 customers including Microsoft, Amazon, Citibank, Adobe, Disney, Intel, Samsung, Epic Games, and Nintendo. 


“The future of development is firmly in the cloud,” said Tami Mazel Shachar, CEO of Incredibuild which is in a steady period of growth having secured $140M in funding to enhance their ability to vastly accelerate software development in the cloud and experiencing a 55% surge in revenues last year. “We are delighted that AWS has recognized Incredibuild’s contribution to the digital transformation with a comprehensive solution to accelerated development. We look forward to working with AWS to allow our customers to develop using AWS infrastructure, and advance best practices for cloud-based development,” she added.


About Incredibuild

Incredibuild turbocharges development with our Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology that turns every host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores. Incredibuild seamlessly supports any continuous integration tools, build systems, and compilers, and is bundled as the accelerator of choice within Visual Studio. World-leading brands like Microsoft, Amazon, Citibank, Adobe, Disney, Intel, Samsung, EPIC Games, Nintendo, and many others rely on Incredibuild to turbocharge their development and stay ahead of the competition. Using the same code, processes, and tools, developers and managers accelerate product development with X8 faster builds, 80% shorter release cycles, and X4 the number of iterations, consistently releasing better products to market radically faster.


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