Supermassive Games Uses Incredibuild To Speed Up Development

Tel Aviv– August 30, 2016

BAFTA-winning independent British game developer Supermassive Games has managed to compile its games 4 times faster, significantly shortening continuous delivery cycles, by using Incredibuild, the leading solution provider of continuous delivery acceleration technology.

Until Dawn developer able to go through 25 builds per day using acceleration tech.

UK studio Supermassive Games is the latest studio to adopt Incredibuild, the continuous delivery solution produced by the company of the same name.

The Incredibuild team has revealed that its tech has been used by the Until Dawn developer to accelerate work on its games, compiling builds up to four times faster.

The tech runs processes such as compilations, tests, code analysis and more through multiple cores within a studio’s network, using any underused or spare CPU capacity.

“Both shader and code compilations now take less than 10 minutes while before it was over 40 minutes” said Supermassive technical director Prasanna Jeganathan. 

“We use Incredibuild across the whole studio – it is that important to us. All our programmers and shader artists have it installed and it is also on the automated build machines. Now we get through about 25 builds a day per project. This is a lot more than was possible before we used Incredibuild.”