Incredibuild Announces Incredibuild Cloud: A Revolutionary Development Acceleration Booster

TEL AVIV, October 15 , 2019

More and more companies today are facing a growing demand for more computing power during peak times and increasing pressure to improve their time to market. Incredibuild has taken note of the latest market trends to create a user-friendly and feature-rich solution to address these needs. The proven and time-tested formula of its cutting-edge build acceleration tech has now been elevated to the next level.

Incredibuild Cloud has been developed to address the growing “Need for Speed” in the Gaming, IT, eCommerce/Retail, Fintech, and other leading sectors. It’s now possible to accelerate development by using the cloud’s scalability and efficiency, without investing in additional hardware, IT resources, or migration procedures. Incredibuild Cloud enables the use of extra resources during peak times and reverts to the default infrastructure configuration once the build is complete.

In a nutshell, companies can now use Incredibuild Cloud to gain access to thousands of cores and machines in the public cloud to ramp up development at peak times, even with multiple teams working remotely. The new on-demand solution is easy to install, extremely user-friendly with an intuitive interface, and requires minimal maintenance with no migration procedures, eliminating the need for cumbersome training, onboarding processes, and additional investment in resources.

“We are constantly working to bring speed, accuracy, and visibility to organizations around the world in one comprehensive package,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of Incredibuild Software. “Our customers have already utilized over 36,000 cores on the cloud. Now that we have both major cloud providers on board, we expect to see an unprecedented amount of cores running on the cloud. The sky, or shall I say, the cloud, is the limit.”

Incredibuild Cloud is now available in two flavors: Incredibuild Hybrid Cloud and Incredibuild Pure Cloud.

“Incredibuild Cloud offers unmatched agility, as expected from a leading cloud offering,” according to Chad Shaffer, Senior Software Development Systems Engineer at Minitab. “The ability to automatically scale up and down in the cloud, while accelerating our development, makes everything so easy, which is basically what technology is all about. It is also very reassuring to know we are optimizing our resources according to our exact needs, so that nothing goes to waste.”

About Incredibuild Software

Incredibuild, the market leader in software development acceleration, dramatically reduces build, testing, code analysis, graphics and other development times. With its unique distributed processing acceleration technology, Incredibuild is the only commercial tool bundled into Visual Studio. Incredibuild currently supports more than 200,000 users from over 2,500 organizations, including twenty Fortune 100 companies.

For more information on Incredibuild Cloud, please visit the Incredibuild Website